Vie. Jul 19th, 2024

After having EC2 instance booted with the software installed and accessible from the Internet, the next step is to backup the data needed to restore if necessary.

First, it is highly recommended to perform a «snapshot» of the instance at this time, as it is now fully stable and has all the software is configured correctly.

You only have to select in the menu EC2, the Snapshots option in the menu on the left.

After selecting «Create Snapshot» we see a screen where you can select which volumes to backup

At this time the realization of Snapshot will be queued and state «pending»

Finally once you are on will display the status of «completed» and we will have made ​​a copy so you can restore the data in the entire instance.

After this and keep our daily backups of critical data (files and database dumps for example), we will configure our «Bucket» storage unit that provides the product Amazon S3 as a drive on your Linux system by fuse and s3fs program. This tutorial is perfect for the various installation and configuration steps.

Once we have completed these steps we will have a fairly complete backup for little money and sure enough data to be distributed in the «cloud.»

The following steps are designed to the monitoring and reporting of usage statistics which speak soon

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